An English Medium Co-Educational Senior Secondary School.

Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,-2030015

Garia Hathai Atharabla, Udaipur, Tripura - 799114

For Class KG-1 to Class 2

For Class 7 Click Here

Regulation For the Exam

Do not attempt the exam more than one, otherwise the school will accept which ever is earlier.

Incomplete details or unnecessary details will not accept by the school.

Submit the exam on time, excuse will not be entertain.

For Class 4 Click Here

For Class 5  Click Here

Download time: 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

For Class 3 to 10

For Class 6 Click Here

For Class 8 Click Here

For Class 9 Click Here

For Class 3 Click Here

For Class 10 Click Here


1. Before 12:00 noon download all the question papers, after 12:00 noon the system will remove the question papers automatically from the website. 

2. Click on the QP and download the question papers of all subjects and print it out. After print out write the answers on it, and submit it on 07-10-20 before 12:00 noon.

Submit the answer papers on 07-10-20 before 12:00 noon to the school.